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Valerie Belanger

Valerie Belanger

Connecticut, USA

An internationalist with two decades of experience, Valerie has problem-solved with municipal leaders in Central America, resourced education entrepreneurs in the Middle East, coached leadership teams across global offices, and invested in the education and training of aspiring business leaders and seasoned executives.  As a program director and designer, she has convened journalists, artists, environmentalists, diplomats, and venture capitalists from across 80+ countries for impact. 


With a background in international development and comparative politics, Valerie holds a deep appreciation for the power of individuals to shape and impact organizations, communities and systems. From her early years as a Peace Corps volunteer in El Salvador, to her more recent teaching, coaching and facilitating, she maintains a deep fascination and appreciation for the complexities around humans in groups and the interpersonal and group dynamics that shape our everyday lived experiences.

Valerie is motivated by the belief that leadership is not dependent on position, but instead born from a mindset; it is an everyday practice to renew with each day, each moment, grounded by personal aspirations and in active collaboration with others. Holding space for wonder and discovery, she aspires to meet clients in the moment with presence and care.

In addition to her work with Cultivating Leadership, Valerie is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at NYU Stern School of Business. For more than a decade she has also held leadership roles at Yale University, currently as Senior Facilitator for the Interpersonal and Group Dynamics courses at Yale School of Management (SOM) and previously as Managing Director for the Yale World Fellows Program, a unique fellowship designed to support and unleash the potential of extraordinary mid-career professionals from across sectors and countries.

Valerie holds degrees from Wesleyan and Yale. She has deep experience with Holding Space and Interpersonal and Group Dynamics through Yale SOM, adult development theory and applications with the Growth Edge Network, as well as certification from CTI in Co-Active Coaching. She is accredited in the Insights Discovery psychometric tool and a certified Vinyasa yoga teacher.

A lifelong swimmer and nature enthusiast, Valerie is raising her twins in a multi-generational home on the shoreline of Connecticut, USA.