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Lisa Vos

Lisa Vos

Monterrey, Mexico

Lisa has a firm belief in the capability of human beings and human systems to self-organize and grow. To shape and reshape themselves in response to the challenges they face and the demands their environment places on them. The role of leadership is to draw on the unique qualities of each individual, create trusted communities, and organize collaboration toward a common purpose. Lisa is committed to serving leaders, teams, and organizations in this complex and ambiguous time helping them grow as humans, leaders, and communities. She is at her best when working with intact teams, or organizations on their real challenges; helping them progress their business outcomes and grow their leadership in the process. She facilitates the honest and tough conversations that leaders and teams need to have, to be able to make the changes they aim for.

In her work with leaders across the globe, Lisa designs and facilitates spaces and processes that spark people, teams, and organizations to expand to the next bigger version of themselves. She has worked as a team coach, facilitator, executive coach, keynote speaker, and interim manager. Her engagement with clients is characterized as thought-provoking and inspiring. She brings herself to the work with honesty and love.

Throughout her career, Lisa worked with a broad range of organizations from the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors in Europe, Australia, Asia, North America, and New Zealand. Her extensive experience includes having held senior positions in several European and Australian executive education institutions and consultancies, including Bendelta, Melbourne Business School, Nyenrode Business University, and University of Technology Sydney. Lisa holds an MSc in Business Administration from Rijksuniversity of Groningen. She has participated in the Professional Development Program of the IOD in Leuven (BEL), which greatly enhanced her abilities as an OD consultant. Lisa’s fields of expertise include complexity theory, systems thinking, adaptive leadership, and adult development. Lisa is accredited in The Leadership Circle Profile 360° framework, the Organisation Workshop by Power + Systems (Barry Oshry), and the Experience Point ExperienceInnovation and ExperienceChange simulations.  She has commenced her training as a Growth Edge Coach and is in the process of getting certified in Systemic Team Coaching (Renewal Associates, Peter Hawkins).

After having lived in Australia twice, Lisa and her partner have now established their main home base in Monterrey, Mexico, and spend time in their second hometown Wageningen, The Netherlands. Lisa loves running and walking in the beautiful natural surroundings of Wageningen, hiking the awe-inspiring mountains around Monterrey, reading books, watching sports, and traveling the world with her husband and adult children.