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Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps

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This book is deceptively brilliant. It offers a host of very accessible practices that will result in creating the agile, innovative, engaged organizational conversations and cultures that can thrive amid complexity.

Bob Anderson, Founder and Chairman, The Leadership Circle

Simple Habits for Complex Times

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Garvey Berger and Johnston are superb teachers! Simple Habits for Complex Times is a perfect blend of ‘story’ and ‘lesson.’ You’ll keep turning the pages and the pages will turn you into a better leader.

Robert Kegan, Harvard University and co-author of Immunity to Change

Changing on the Job

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People have been asking for years, ‘Where can I go for a rich, practical, and incisive guide to the relationship between adult-developmental theory and coaching?’ Now there is an answer. You are holding it, and when you start reading it, it will hold you.

Robert Kegan, Meehan Professor of Adult Learning and Professional Development, Harvard University Graduate School of Education, author of In Over Our Heads, and co-author of Immunity to Change

Why Purpose Matters

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Purpose is a greater motivator than dollars.

Bryan Lipmann AM, Chief Executive Officer, Wintringham

Choose Your Stories

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Choosing your life stories can indeed change your life. In this fabulous book, John Sautelle explains why you create the life-limiting stories you now carry, and how you can build new ones to unleash a new and greater life.

Dr Michael Marquardt, Professor of Human Resource Development and International Affairs at George Washington University, and co-founder and first President of the World Institute for Action Learning

Return on Ambition

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Return on Ambition reveals a truth about leadership—ambition can actually make it more difficult to succeed and, even as we do succeed, it can rob much of the joy from the effort. Return on Ambition can help anyone with big dreams achieve them and do so while enjoying the ride.

Bob Anderson, founder of The Leadership Circle and coauthor of Mastering Leadership and Scaling Leadership