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Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps

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This book is deceptively brilliant. It offers a host of very accessible practices that will result in creating the agile, innovative, engaged organizational conversations and cultures that can thrive amid complexity.

Bob Anderson, Founder and Chairman, The Leadership Circle

Simple Habits for Complex Times

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This book is a superb exploration of the ways that complexity calls on leaders to think, act, and engage differently. It will leave you with a few simple, yet powerful, habits that will change you as a leader . . . and a person. A landmark work!

Michael Rennie, Global Leader, McKinsey & Company, Organization and Leadership Practice

Changing on the Job

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People have been asking for years, ‘Where can I go for a rich, practical, and incisive guide to the relationship between adult-developmental theory and coaching?’ Now there is an answer. You are holding it, and when you start reading it, it will hold you.

Robert Kegan, Meehan Professor of Adult Learning and Professional Development, Harvard University Graduate School of Education, author of In Over Our Heads, and co-author of Immunity to Change

Why Purpose Matters

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Our purpose will be responsible for delivering superior financial performance through greater employee engagement and higher discretionary effort.

Peter Acheson, Chief Executive Officer, Peoplebank

Choose Your Stories

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Some personal development books are engaging, but not lead to long lasting self-improvement. This book will help people change their lives forever.

Major Luke Foster, Psychologist, Australian Army

Return on Ambition

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Ambition can be a corrosive power that ultimately ruins our joys, or, with the help of this wise and practical guide, can be the fuel for forging beautiful lives of accomplishment and connection.

Jennifer Garvey Berger, cofounder of Cultivating Leadership and author of Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps and Changing on the Job