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Leanne Holdsworth

Leanne Holdsworth

Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland), NZ

Leanne stands for a future where it is normal for work environments to be places where human beings thrive, enabling organisations to succeed whilst at the same time, building social capital through how those humans are able to show up with their families and communities.

She is the co-author of Human Work: Five Leadership Mindsets for Humanising workplaces and author of the book A New Generation of Business Leaders and has spent 15 years advising organisations predominantly in the private sector (across most sectors including banking, primary sector, FMCG, tech, pharmaceuticals) as well as the public and not for profit sectors in sustainability strategy and leadership.

Her work as an Associate of Cultivating Leadership focuses on leading immersive, transformational experiences (leadership programmes, strategic facilitation, consulting, executive coaching). She has a passion for integrating the cognitive with the non-cognitive and will often infuse her work with embodied practices.

Leanne holds a Bachelor of Commerce and has a post graduate qualification in public policy.

Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa, (Auckland New Zealand) is where Leanne calls home, and when she is not working, she is spending time hanging out with her family, or being in nature.

I have found Cultivating Leadership's workshops for our leaders to be transformational. Leanne has challenged our leaders assumptions and had them work experientially on their real world challenges that have brought lasting results to how they lead, communicate and strategise. She creates an environment of psychological safety enabling deep insights to be learned and shared. If you are a leader dealing with complex challenges, I would highly recommend you attend a leadership workshop Leanne is facilitating.

Amanda Bayliss, Manager - People Team