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Naryan Wong

Naryan Wong

Toronto, Canada

Naryan is fascinated by how individuals, teams, and organizations think and act in the world. He believes that humanity’s most complex challenges will be solved only through well-coordinated collective sensing and acting. By understanding how individual behaviour contributes to team dynamics, and team dynamics create organizational capacities, Naryan helps organizations and communities to act harmoniously to transform themselves and the world.

Over the past decade, Naryan has practised the arts of systems change, network mapping, and organizational development in large corporate environments and not-for-profit community spaces. In 2018, he founded the not-for-profit ThinkBetter to better understand the feedback loops between personal growth and organizational culture. Nowadays, Naryan weaves his network at the nexus of various communities working to improve how humanity thinks and coordinates.

Naryan holds a Bachelor’s of Accounting and Financial Management from the University of Waterloo, and is currently conducting systems research with the Post Growth Institute. He is also engaged in a learning partnership with a community on the cutting edge of human dynamics research, working to share their techniques more broadly.

Naryan and his partner are part of a thriving network of friends and family in Toronto. He serves his community as a DJ for weddings, leader of canoe trips, beatboxer for an a cappella group, and photographer for events and trips!