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Rodney Howard

Rodney Howard

Melbourne, Australia

Rodney sees himself primarily as a facilitator of individual and collective growth. He brings an abiding interest in our journey of becoming to leadership and organisational development and is passionate about the importance of this work in assisting us to create meaning in our individual and collective endeavours. When first introduced to adult development and complexity practices, he felt as though he had finally discovered a language and way of thinking that he had been looking for all his life.

Rodney has facilitated leadership and organisational development in global organisations and professional service firms for over two decades. Preferring to partner with clients over long periods, he develops bespoke approaches that enable leadership development and cultural evolution to occur simultaneously.

Rodney worked as a medical doctor for over a decade. His career transition to become a facilitator, coach and educator was borne of a deep desire to work specifically with individual growth and organisational transformation. He is accredited with both The Leadership Circle and Human Synergistics suite of tools, is a certified coach with IECL and is presently completing certification as a Growth Edge coach. He holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from Monash University, Australia.

Rodney loves travel and the opportunity to immerse himself in different cultural landscapes. Closer to home, anything to do with gardening and constructing things out of wood help ground him and keep him centred, while embedded in family life with three teenage young men.

I am in awe of your outstanding facilitation skills and your genuine care and passion for our organisation. Your wisdom, positive energy and intuition just shine through.

Director, People & Culture, Global Professional Services Firm