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Carolyn Coughlin

Carolyn Coughlin

Hightstown, NJ, USA

Carolyn Coughlin is passionate about supporting people, including the leaders with whom she works, not only to grow into their biggest selves, but also to live as fully as they can. She was introduced to the idea of adult development about 15 years ago shortly after leaving her career as a management consultant, and it was love at first sight. Carolyn believes that as the complexity of our world and our lives increases, it will be by paying greater attention to the ways we and our clients make sense of the world that we can uncover new ways to see differently, to be differently, to take different actions, and to live into the fullest version of ourselves and our lives—thereby expanding our possibilities to impact the world in increasingly positive ways.

Carolyn has been an executive coach, facilitator, and leadership development specialist for over 15 years. Her journey began in the corporate world, where she was a management consultant first at Price Waterhouse and later at McKinsey and Company. With her fellow Cultivating Leadership partner Jennifer, Carolyn co-designed and runs the Growth Edge Certification series, an endeavor that continues to provide her with endless joy and learning. She also has a keen interest in supporting women to step into leadership positions in greater numbers so that we might finally achieve the power parity toward which we’ve been (slowly) moving over the last century. She writes and talks about developmental coaching, why and how it can be such a powerful support to growth, and how, in particular, she thinks it might hold promise for shifting the gender imbalance in our leadership ranks. Carolyn has also become increasingly interested in the role of the whole self, the realm of sensation and emotion, and how those, together with language, can be powerful ways into both noticing and intervening our own and our clients’ meaning-making patterns–and she approaches her coaching and organizational work through that lens.

Carolyn earned an A.B. in Economics from Brown University, an M.B.A. with distinction from the Wharton School, and an M.A. in International Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. She is a Certified Somatic Coach through the Strozzi Institute, a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Indicator, and a certified user of the Global Leadership Profile, the Leadership Circle, and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

Carolyn, whose childhood family vacations included not trips to Disney, but week long backpacking trips through the mountains of Wyoming, loves natural beauty and the outdoors second only to her family. She has lived and worked extensively in New Zealand and many countries in Latin America and currently lives with her husband on the campus of a boarding school outside Princeton, New Jersey and spends her summers in a small cabin on a lake in the Catskills of New York State, where they are often joined by their three young adult children.

The information and experience I've gained during this training feels critical to my future work at the Foundation and to becoming more thoughtful, functional, deliberate and connected to my teams and colleagues. I want to reiterate how much I appreciate the culture of career/personal development we have been nurturing, and give a special shout-out to this curriculum and facilitators. The Foundation and the world would be a much easier place to navigate and interact if everyone had the chance to have this experience.

Senior Manager, The WikiMedia Foundation