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Patrice Laslett

Patrice Laslett

Sydney, Australia

Patrice believes that today’s world needs leaders who can thrive in complexity and that with the right support and challenge, they can grow the ability to do just that. To that end she specialises in coaching, consulting and facilitating programs that help coaches and leaders, individuals and groups, develop in ways that increase their fitness for both the complexity of work and the challenges of life.

Patrice has worked with people all around the globe in many different industries including technology, government services, not for profits, insurance, financial services and consulting firms. Along with Jennifer Garvey Berger and Carolyn Coughlin, Patrice is one of the core faculty for the Growth Edge Coaching certification program.

As a coach Patrice believes clients thrive when they are supported to bring their whole selves to the table and then challenged to explore the unfamiliar territory of who they are becoming. Within individual or group coaching conversations, and in leadership programs her clients experience a better understanding of what has been true for them up until now, and they develop an expanded view of what is possible.  She supports her clients to make lasting changes as they explore and push their growing edges. She facilitates the conversations that clients want to have—or the more difficult ones they need to have.

Patrice loved being on the innovative leadership team of Cultivating Leadership for 4 years as they developed ways to work consciously with complexity principles and to walk their own talk. She is still Director of Cultivating Leadership Australia and has stepped off the leadership team to explore leadership from the edges of a system and to free up time for developing new ideas.

With a Masters in Organisational Psychology and registration with the Psychology Board of Australia she is also deeply interested in neuroscience, the links between mind and body, and ways that we can heal and grow through applying complexity thinking to the complex adaptive system of us as humans.

When not working Patrice loves to spend time with her husband and 3 adult children and their partners and enjoying life with friends especially if it involves being near or on the water and eating healthy and delicious food.


Patrice has been an integral part of our strategic leadership development journey. Patrice integrates somatic and cognitive learning with our team which has led to demonstrable personal growth in team members and hence their strategic leadership capability. Patrice's compassion, insights, professionalism and willingness to go on the journey with us has been key to our success as a team. This has been, and is, a true growth edge learning partnership.

Business Leader, Financial Services