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Sheila Dubin

Sheila Dubin

Austin, Texas, USA

Sheila is passionate about enabling senior leaders, top teams and organizations to lead effectively in complexity and ambiguity, expose patterns, assumptions and blind spots, and reach beyond habits to unleash leadership capacity. She is committed to introducing ideas that help leaders engage, think, act, and notice differently, and actually embody these new ideas by applying them in real and immediate business challenges. Sheila believes curiosity, awareness and compassion are critical for leaders courageous enough to discover and push the edges of their leadership. She deeply admires the human condition and brings honesty, generosity, and lightness to her work while also holding results as a top priority. She approaches leadership development as a journey, not an intervention and equips leaders and organizations with tools for ongoing development and growth.

Sheila brings over 30 years as a trusted advisor to senior leaders through experience in top tier and boutique management consulting firms, as a start-up co-founder and a mother, along with a Harvard MBA. 10 years ago she took the leap to follow her passion into executive coaching and leadership advisory, focusing on individual and collective leadership effectiveness. One of Sheila’s proud career moments was joining Cultivating Leadership. Sheila’s clients include Fortune 1,000 companies, venture backed start-ups and mission driven organizations in industries including technology, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, oil and gas, financial services and more.

When Sheila is not advising leaders, you can find her in an art museum, collaging, hanging out with her three teenage daughters, hiking or cooking. She also practices meditation and is deeply exploring energy work and somatics. Sheila lives in Austin and dreams of living in a castle in the countryside of France.

My work with Sheila truly transformed the way I view myself as a leader, the way I lead my team, and in turn how our entire organization operates. The success and growth I've seen within my business after working with Sheila has given me a whole new perspective on the impact of leadership. She is incredibly intuitive, challenges me when I need to be pushed and gives me gentle guidance when I’m feeling vulnerable. As a whole my experience with Sheila has been transformative.

Chief Operating Officer, Retail Consumer Products Business