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Mariam Semaan

Mariam Semaan

Beirut, Lebanon

Mariam is interested in the connections between systems change and people’s growth, and is fascinated by the role of creativity and play as catalysts.

She works with teams and individuals to support them uncover, understand and strengthen their self- awareness and their potential in the context of complex systems.

To do so, Mariam co-designs, curates and facilitates experiential learning experiences, ranging from long form virtual Innovation Labs, to intimate in person retreats in faraway places, to cohorts-based coaching programs, curricula and festivals programing.

Her clients range from corporations to start ups, entrepreneurs, refugees, journalists and youth in the Middle East, South Asia, Europe and the US, and span industries as varied as Media, Banking, Financial services, F&B, Wellness, Fintech, and the social sector (education, justice, migration).

As a multidisciplinary designer, facilitator and leadership development coach with an educational background in law, journalism and communication, Mariam enjoys drawing from her eclectic toolbox to come up with these self-discovery journeys. She weaves complexity theory, adult development, Human centered design and Somatic practice with storytelling techniques, experiential activities and play to support clients become more fit, flexible and equipped to face the uncertainty of the world they live in.

Mariam is also a certified Leadership Circle Profile coach and a Growth Edge Interview Practitioner.

Mariam worked for 10 years as a reporter, journalist and TV producer.

In 2012 she was the first Lebanese to be awarded the John Knight Fellowship from Stanford University in California, where she also served as a course-based instructor at the Hasso Platner School of Design- better known as the dschool.

After returning to Lebanon, where she resides, Mariam founded “The Right Brain Company” and later on “Opal Minds”, dedicated to empowering high potential individuals into becoming more impactful, thoughtful and complex leaders of their communities. Mariam enjoys living by the sea, travelling and collecting antique furniture and jewelry.