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Laurelin Whitfield

Laurelin Whitfield

Haarlem, the Netherlands

Laurelin believes that a core purpose shared by all humans is to make a meaningful contribution in the world, in our communities, and in our own lives. When we commit to positive change and rally others to join us, we become leaders. Laurelin’s own purpose is to help clients envision the future they want to live in and take lasting steps toward it.
Laurelin spent the first decade of her career as a secondary teacher and teacher educator, where she became a sought after learning designer and facilitator. Intrigued by the question of why so many adults lose their appetite for learning and change, Laurelin discovered coaching. She has since coached leaders to the highest levels in education, non-profits, and the corporate sector. Prior to joining Cultivating Leadership, Laurelin was Global Director, Leadership Development, at Teach For All, a global network of 60+ independent organizations working to expand educational opportunity by growing the leadership necessary for local and system-level change.
Laurelin holds a BA in Sociolinguistic Anthropology, which she credits with teaching her to hold competing perspectives and to approach difference with curiosity and compassion. She holds a Master’s in French Linguistics and offers coaching and group facilitation in French as well as English. Laurelin is a Professional Certified Coach with the ICF, and a trained facilitator of Polarity Wisdom, the Leadership Circle profile, the Leadership Maturity Framework, and numerous other tools to unlock the potential of leaders and teams.
Laurelin lives in the Netherlands with her husband and two children, where they balance lots of cycling with large quantities of stroopwafels. She is an avid reader, frequent cook, intermittent yogi, and reluctant runner.

Coaching with Laurelin has been nothing short of transformational. Laurelin's warm presence, thoughtful, inquisitive questions, and wealth of knowledge and tools helped me uncover a deeper connection with my whole self. As a result, I have a much richer understanding of my worth and I am so much more present and grateful in my daily life. Our work enabled me to better align my professional life with my own values and priorities. I feel much more in control of my life and my future. I have the tools to not only tolerate but embrace and seek out the unknown.

Senior Leader, 3M