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Jaime Lee

Jaime Lee

Melbourne, Australia

Jaime believes that grounded leadership begins with connecting with one’s health and intelligence of body. She supports clients and teams in navigating the nested complexity of work, life, health, relationships through reclaiming their sense of sovereignty, alignment and wholeness so that there is more flow. Jaime weaves together experiential techniques based on medicine, meditation, constellations and psychosomatic practices.

Jaime has over 15 years of broad experience across medicine, public health, management consulting, shamanism and leadership development. She has shifted from training to be a surgeon to being a healer of teams and organisational systems. Her practical and embodied techniques helps clients to self-regulate by working with their autonomic nervous system first, and then supports them in co-regulating to unlock any team or systemic entanglements. For the past 6 years she has worked with C-suite executives on team healing, how to be healthy as a leader and preventing burnout across the world in a wide variety of industries.

Jaime is a medical doctor with her MBBS and BMedSc from Monash University, and holds a Masters of Public Health from Johns Hopkins. She has completed trainings in IFS, systemic intelligence, Energy fundamentals and Reichian patterns, women’s shamanism and Embodied Leadership Somatics. She’s currently exploring how to support the health of doctors and preventing burnout in healthcare systems.

Jaime lives on farm in Melbourne and is learning how to work with the land and grow food sustainably. She is passionate about cooking and sharing meals with friends, books, chilling on the beach, geeking out on board games, dancing and dinosaurs. She loves traveling to see her friends and global community, as well as experiencing new cultures and cuisines.