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June Dixon

June Dixon

Essex, UK

June is passionate about workplaces that contribute to human flourishing and is naturally drawn towards organisations that seek to make a difference in the world. She loves to be part of that difference, believing that every interaction is an important part of someone’s day and can be infused with connection and kindness. Her gentle presence and warm competence make even logistically stressful experiences delightful. And she knows a lot about those experiences—like managing and coordinating player escorts for UEFA Euro 2016 in Nice and managing youth-based events for the London 2012 Olympics.

Life at Cultivating Leadership is a big shift but a welcome one. Coming to the entirely virtual workplace of Cultivating Leadership was a big change for someone so used to her daily commute (although the whole world followed suit in 2020). June’s executive support, business management, and project management skills help all of Cultivating Leadership become a kinder and better-run organisation.

When June is not working, she enjoys exercising, going to festivals, trying new food, lazing in the park, or just chilling out in the garden at home in Essex with her teenage daughter. June hopes to build her dream home in Barbados in the near future.