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June Dixon

June Dixon

Essex, UK

June is passionate about workplaces that contribute to human flourishing and is naturally drawn towards organisations that seek to make a difference in the world. She loves to be part of that difference, believing that every interaction is an important part of someone’s day and can be infused with connection and kindness.

June is a Business and Transformational coach who is passionate about partnering with Executive Assistants and early career leaders, who are doing so much of the heavy lifting in organisational delivery, to change their habits, transform their worldview, build resilience, and tap into high levels of creativity and flow. She believes that all clients are naturally resourceful, creative, and whole, regardless of what stage of life or career they are at. As a coach, she brings compassion and curiosity to her work in order to call forth the greatest possibility for the clients she partners with.

For the past 15 years, June has worked with C-suite level teams in private and public section across the world including McDonald’s and Bupa. She now utilises this extensive career experience, along with coaching techniques to help clients stretch their sightline, get out of the comfort zone, and grow along the way.

June is a certified professional coach, CPCC who completed her coaching certification program with the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). June also holds a credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as an ACC (Associate Certified Coach).

When June is not working, she loves travelling to new places, working out, trying new food, live music, art galleries, or just chilling out in the garden at home in Essex with her teenage daughter. June plans to relocate to Barbados in the near future to continue coaching, facilitate wellness retreats for women, and mentor teenage girls.