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Saleha Asif

Saleha Asif

Lahore, Pakistan

Saleha believes clients, regardless of stage of life or career, have the opportunity to grow by expanding the capacity to navigate complexity and comfortably hold multiple perspectives. She supports clients to self-explore, discover, and hold all parts of their meaning making journey while expanding the edges of this space. She draws on coaching techniques and extensive career experience to help clients ask themselves the simplest questions with the greatest unlocks. Saleha works with a deeply held compassion for the human spirit.

Saleha brings 25+ years of experience, in finance, industry, strategy consulting, and leadership coaching – throughout supporting individuals, teams, and organisations to develop, grow, transform. She balances her time between a CEO flex role – aimed at economic and societal impact acceleration for the largest sector of Pakistan’s economy (working with public, private, and multilateral stakeholders) – and her work in leadership development and coaching. She serves on two corporate boards and a national ESG task force. Her work as a leadership coach is core to her personal purpose.

Saleha holds an MBA in Information Strategy and Economics, from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA, and a Masters in Finance from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan. She is a certified coach and master trainer of Leadership Circle Profile and continues to deepen her own learning in the space of executive coaching with Centered Leadership and other programs.

When not working, Saleha is learning to savour stillness. Having found her soul mate relatively late in life, she revels in the simple joy of love and companionship with her husband, Haseeb. Together they are exploring where to put down roots when years of travel and living across continents makes nowhere and everywhere feel like home. They both love food, sports, being in nature, and are parents to a grown son and daughter.