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Anne Nagle

Anne Nagle

Cork, Ireland

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Anne believes that we each have more capacity for change than we think. Her work unlocks that potential for change, thereby enabling clients deal with more complexity and greatly improve themselves, those whose lives they touch, and potentially the world. She believes deep self-awareness is the cornerstone for development and, using techniques such as Immunity to Change and Growth Edge Coaching, helps clients see and understand how they make meaning of their experiences. She provides a supportive space for individuals and teams to explore their growing edge and thereby expand their range and potential.

Anne spent over twenty years in senior corporate roles in manufacturing and outsourced supply chain management (SMC) sectors in multinational contexts. As vice-president of SCM, she oversaw significant restructuring of supply chains in high profile client organisations in Europe, US and Japan. In 2007, she transitioned into consultancy, initially in SCM and, after further training focused on leadership development. She now supports individual executives and work teams grow their adaptive capacity. Her extensive corporate experience coupled with her understanding of human development, including her own, helps create safe spaces for clients to surface places where they are stuck and explore new possibilities. She is the coach to individuals on the Executive MBA programme and also teaches Strategic SCM and Leadership Development at the Masters level for University College Cork.

Anne holds a Bachelor of Science and a Masters in Business Administration from University College Cork. She is a certified Immunity to Change coach, since 2010. She completed CTI’s Leadership programme in 2013, trained in Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching with CRR Global in 2015, works extensively with The Leadership Circle, and is currently working to complete certification in Growth Edge Coaching.

Anne lives in a town called Carrigaline where, unusually, she lives within 500 metres of the home she grew up in. Auntie is the role she does best – travelling with her nephews and niece has been a source of great joy. She also enjoys hill-walking, gardening, travelling, and staying in touch with many friends, acquaintances and colleagues around the world.

I found Anne to be a wonderful experienced coach. Although I found parts of the process painful and tough I knew Anne was there as a support whenever needed. Anne is an excellent coach because she did not allow us to hide behind our facades and challenged us to face our greatest fears. As I already said I found this process to be the best thing I have ever undertaken. I cannot thank Anne enough for her patience, insight, understanding and for probing and pushing appropriately to reach the end of the process. “

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