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Geoff Harrison

Geoff Harrison

Wellington, New Zealand

Geoff believes that leadership is both learned and co-created, and that the conditions necessary for leadership to emerge can be actively cultivated. He feels that in our increasingly complex world, the leadership patterns and behaviors that brought success today will need to evolve to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Using experiential and action learning techniques, Geoff helps leaders develop the self-awareness and interpersonal skills necessary for leading high performance teams, those with the capacity to grow and thrive while operating under conditions of complexity, risk, and uncertainty.

Geoff is deeply committed to helping others increase their capacity to, and readiness for, leading others by helping them to become agile learners. He has over 15 years of experience helping individuals and organizations identify and re-frame issues that can derail effective team performance. He specializes in designing and delivering innovative developmental learning experiences and has had the opportunity to work with leaders in a variety of venues ranging from boardrooms to snowy mountaintops. Geoff has provided coaching, facilitation, and developmental programs to global leaders serving in a wide spectrum of public and private organizations. His extensive work in both the tertiary education and adventure education sectors provides the applied and theoretical foundation for his approach to learning and leadership development.

Geoff has a MS from the University of Idaho and a BA from Humboldt State University. Geoff’s Ph.D. research investigated how business accelerators influence entrepreneurial learning and development in startups. Geoff holds a range of instructional certifications and qualifications including the Leadership Circle Profile and he is trained in Growth Edge coaching.

A few years ago, with his daughter’s first word not being mum or dad but rather, ‘bye’, Geoff realized that his own world had become too complex and that he needed to recalibrate his priorities. Together with his wife and daughter they took a huge leap of faith, gave away all of their belongings, and moved from North America to Wellington, New Zealand to embrace a simpler lifestyle – one that prioritizes family, friends, and adventures.

As a young professional it's easy to be overwhelmed by the desire to prove yourself and be everything to everyone. Geoff helped me realize that to become a better leader I needed to grow and change for myself not for others. He gave me the tools to tap into natural strengths, improve on weaknesses, and importantly to make my natural shine come through. I now understand myself more deeply and I have become both a better person and leader.

Early Career Administrator, University Sector