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Joey W.K. Chan

Joey W.K. Chan

Hong Kong, China

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Joey believes a leader’s level of consciousness determines the effectiveness of their leadership. He is also amazed by the beauty, simplicity, and complexity of adult development theory, and how it goes hand-in-hand with many current management theories. Joey has two favourite practices: systems thinking and mental models, both originated from Peter Senge’s work on Learning Organization. As China becomes the centre stage of the world, Joey wants to use the deep knowledge of adult development theory, together with his vision to see more conscious businesses in China region, to help local companies become more socially responsible.

Joey has been working as an organization development consultant for more than 15 years, his main focus is on organization change management, team coaching, including capacity building for C-level global leaders. He actively serves a range of clients within the telecommunications, finance, trading, and pharmaceutical sectors that have operations in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and several cities across mainland China. Joey is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

Joey is a certified coach of The Leadership Circle, and also a certified practitioner of Holacracy, Otto Scharmer’s U-theory practitioner, and also a consultant member of TOCICO (Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization). He translated Jennifer Garvey Berger’s Changing On The Job (2011), and also Chris Argyris’ Organizational Learning II (1995) into Chinese. He also serves as a regular management book-review columnist for Hong Kong newspapers and magazines.

Joey lives in Hong Kong together with his wife and two sons, and works regularly across Asia. He likes Taipei particularly and treats it as his second home, though he is now spending more and more time in Shanghai.

I attended courses conducted by Joey consecutively. Not only is Joey a very knowledgable and professional trainer, he is able to translate the theories and methodologies into simple layman's terms, easy to understand, digest and most importantly, to apply. Joey’s training can inspire you, help you to shift your thinking mode and last but not least, reach your mind and soul – at least this is how I feel personally. It’s great pleasure to have met Joey and attended his courses. His enthusiasm, mission and vision are my biggest take away.

HR Director, Chinese-based Securities Company, Hong Kong