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Mindy Danna

Mindy Danna

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”   Ian MacLaren

Mindy Danna has dedicated more than two decades to helping individuals and teams transform their hard battles into opportunities for extraordinary growth and performance.

In partnering with her clients, Mindy has learned that hard battles are made harder when unconscious beliefs interfere with personal goals. She supports teams, from c-suite executives to frontline managers, to engage with the visible and invisible forces and assumptions that shape their behavior and does so with a deep regard for the courage it takes to change. In her work with clients, Mindy is known for her compassion and care while skillfully, firmly, and gently facilitating what needs to emerge, be said, or change. 

Mindy’s expertise has taken her into organizations such as Google, Thomson Reuters, Novartis, 3M, Cedars Sinai Hospital, and Humanity United. 

Prior to joining Cultivating Leadership, Mindy led a global sales team responsible for creating strategy, building relationships and driving $13 million dollars in revenue from Fortune 500 companies. 

Mindy holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Management with a concentration in adult development theory and conflict analysis. She is a certified mediator and administrator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, The Leadership Circle Profile, the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) and is a Growth Edge Certified coach.

When not hiking the hills surrounding her Los Angeles home, Mindy works with teenage girls in the foster care system to help them win their hard battles.

My work with Mindy has been a truly insightful and inspiring process. Her years of experience have safely guided me in gaining new perspectives on my behaviors, what is driving them, and how I can work towards taking control over them. With her guidance, I have been able to explore, understand, and question the beliefs and motivations behind these behaviors. Her thoughtful manner continues to help me work towards becoming the Leader that I want to be. Most important is her ability to create an atmosphere and a dialogue that encourages reflection, self-exploration and personal growth, without being directive or uncompromising. She is truly gifted at her craft.

Director, Professional Services Organization