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Robin Katcher

Robin Katcher

Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Robin accompanies leaders, organizations and networks seeking to create transformative change. Robin brings a strong curiosity around operating in complexity and emergence, a deep commitment to racial equity and liberation, and a fascination with how adults grow, learn and develop into all her work.

Robin has been coaching and consulting for over 20 years, including 16 years at Change Elemental (a US nonprofit consulting group) where she occupied a variety of roles including Executive Director. Robin has deep experience partnering with leaders to develop organizational strategy, boards of directors, teams, culture, and their own leadership. For over a decade, Robin has focused on the vital roles networks play in building strong social movements and the resulting complex challenges faced by network leaders. She has co-created leadership development programs with participants that result in strong communities of practice as well as breakthroughs in capacity.

Robin holds a Bachelors of Arts from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Robin has served on advisory boards for the Nonprofit Quarterly and Independent Sector. She is an Associate Consultant with Change Elemental, a member of the Social Transformation Project’s Art of Transformational Consulting Community of Practice, a part of the LeadersTrust and Ford Foundation’s BUILD networks, and a colleague with Cultivating Leadership. In addition, Robin is trained in Growth Edge Coaching, Cynefin model by Cognitive Edge, the Organizational Mapping Tool (OMT), and the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI).

Robin and her fantastic wife live with their highly creative young daughter and exceptionally fluffy puppy. In her spare time she loves to listen to diverse story tellers and has even taken a turn or two on the Story District stage.