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Sope Agbelusi

Sope Agbelusi

Coventry, United Kingdom

Sope believes that leadership is not about position or title but about influence which comes through building relationships. He feels clients are positioned to grow their influence when they engage in coaching which provides a space for them to learn and understand who they are and how they impact their colleagues and culture. Drawing on a results-driven, hands-on approach, Sope helps his clients shift their mindset, become comfortable with risk and uncertainty and develop the skills required to build relationships creating an empowered and engaged workforce which puts people first. Sope also helps clients understand what inclusion, equity and belonging really means and how to create a culture that embodies these values in a practical way.

Sope spent over 15 years working in senior corporate roles in automotive, tech, finance and manufacturing sectors leading time in the UK and Europe. He understands very well the challenges of operating in a complex, fast-paced and ever-changing environment. His corporate experience helps him to get to the root of the problem facing his clients and to create a human centred solution.

Sope holds a BSc Economics from University of Coventry and a CGMA Chartered Institute of Management Accountant. He is also a certified executive coach.

Sope lives in the UK with his wife and 2 teenage children. When he is not working he loves travelling and exploring new places, he plays football and enjoys supporting his team Arsenal and going with the flow as his kids always have some interesting activities to get involved with. Sope is also heavily involved with mentoring and inclusion projects helping the younger generation especially navigate through life personally and professionally.