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Jim Wicks

Jim Wicks

New Zealand

Jim’s core area of interest is supporting people and organisations uncover possibilities for themselves and what they can create in the world.  He finds joy in the service of supporting the success of others and it is important to Jim that opportunities to learn and grow are as widely available as possible. He is acutely aware that many of the problems facing us are requiring new capabilities and heightened demands to work together. Leading with deep humility and a unique ability to listen and ask questions, Jim is committed to helping leaders navigate the emerging future facing them.

Jim has an eclectic mix of experiences with roots in rural New Zealand and a career that has been driven by curiosity, an attraction to new things and some key values. This has seen him in very technical roles solving trade finance issues or designing ground-breaking computer systems and moving into senior leadership roles in operations, sales, organisation development and change programs in the finance and health sectors – never a dull moment! He also has over 15 years consulting experience and as a result is an experienced, leader, facilitator, coach and consultant. His strength in leadership and governance roles has been to take a whole of organisation overview that integrates change alongside managing risks and achieving results.

His practical technical and leadership experience is complemented by a deep knowledge of adult development concepts, understanding of ideas and approaches relating to complex adaptive systems and a quest to bring those ideas to life for the greater good. He is a certified coach, holds accreditations in a number of tools, has a Master of Commerce and post graduate DipHRM. Jim has a gift for integrating leadership development with business improvement, innovation, and complexity ideas – bringing people, processes, systems, and technology together to create sustainable cultures.

Currently Jim serves clients as a facilitator and coach, is Managing Director of Cultivating Leadership, is a trustee of the Growth Edge Network, a founding trustee of The Tilt Foundation and member of the Institute of Directors. After three years in Cork, Ireland with his wife (the two children are grown up) he has returned to New Zealand.  When he isn’t working (if you can call it work) he can be found out in the hills on a bicycle or in the kitchen.

My interactions with you in various settings have been one of the major highlights this year for me, and a real source of rich reflection and growth opportunity.

General Manager