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Marco Valente

Marco Valente

Malmo, Sweden

Marco works from the assumption that humanity is facing unprecedented, complex challenges, and believes in the power of dialogic methods to allow humans to come together and make progress on our intractable problems and build a resilient future.

Marco is working primarily as a facilitator of multi-stakeholder dialogues with a diverse range of partners: from municipality planners across Europe, to LGBTI communities worldwide, to nanotechnology scientists at Harvard, and more. Primarily his work consists of providing teams with formats to improve their capacity to make sense and skillfully act on complex challenges. His work is informed by complexity theories, a decade of experience in facilitation, and over five years as a university lecturer, having taught sustainability science and leadership to over 300 master students.

Marco likes to see himself as “bilingual” in his academic background, since he holds a MA in semiotics and social science in Italy and later pursued an MSc in sustainability science from a Swedish university. He is a trainer and active member of the “Art of Hosting” world-spanning community of practice of facilitators.

When he is not doing consulting work, Marco enjoys deep conversations with friends in his home base in Malmo, Sweden, enjoys yoga to rejuvenate the body, and plays classical music by himself – or Beatles songs with friends.