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Tanya James

Tanya James

Sydney, Australia

Tanya has a life-long interest in the processes and practices of intentional positive change. She believes that high quality leadership is a key ingredient for developing both prosperous societies and a sustainable planet.

Tanya has over ten years’ experience working in the areas of culture, complexity and leadership development. She works with clients from corporate, non-profit and government organizations. Tanya has developed and led a seminal program that pioneered new approaches to forming, developing and implementing strategy to solve complex issues in multi-organisational coalitions. Tanya is an accredited corporate based mindful consultant for The Potential Project and an associate at Collaboration for Impact, a consultancy network that seeks to help communities tackle complex problems to achieve large-scale social change.

Tanya received a scholarship to do her Masters in Positive Organisational Development at Weatherhead School of Management Ohio, which pioneered appreciative inquiry and the field of emotional intelligence in leadership development. She has a Masters of Organisational Communication from the University of Technology, Sydney and has undergraduate degrees in both Anthropology and English from the University of Sydney. She lectures about leadership now with the post graduate teaching faculty at the Australian Graduate School of Management, University of New South Wales.

As a New Zealander living in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Tanya loves both the bush and beach and is a recent convert to abseiling. She loves being a parent of teenagers and an auntie to seven children, all under the age of six. She spends significant amounts of time in New Zealand working and being with her family. Indoor pursuits include great food and wine with friends, yoga, meditating and sinking into epic novels and television series.

Tanya has a deep understanding of the dynamics and needs of leaders and groups when they are grappling with complexity. Her style blends an analytical, result-driven approach with a warmth and humanity that holds people in the sometime hot process of change. As a facilitator and coach, Tanya creates an environment of curiosity, possibility and momentum that enables people and groups to shift they way they think, lead and act.

Managing Director, Collaboration for Impact