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Elena Tochilina

Elena Tochilina

Kyiv, Ukraine

Elena aims to connect with the best, most human aspects of leaders as individuals and as organizations and teams (systems) through her work. She works alongside leaders, helping cause shifts within themselves that enable them to live through their true core – one which is more human, kind, loving, and caring, not only towards themselves and others but also the planet we live on. Elena helps individuals uncover what’s not working, what is masked, superficial, and untrue in them, and how to let these elements go. She sees systems both in humans and collectives. Elena combines listening into the system of an organization and its products and services with listening into the system of a human being. This co-creation results in a dance-like cooperation, where both Elena and the individuals make their own moves to achieve a beautiful result. She also helps people with ideas to ground them in the reality of marketing. The unique way that Elena works with both people and systems; and her extensive experience working in both fields, brings an insightful presence to her work with coachees and with systems.

Working at the intersection of business development and inner development for about 12 years, Elena worked as a consultant for EBRD, UN and EU agencies in banking, sustainability, communications, and marketing of sustainability measures. Having studied how big industrial companies work, she was responsible for building relationships with top banks in Ukraine to establish a financing chain for small, medium and large companies to enhance sustainability.

With degrees in Applied Linguistics and Financial Investments, Elena developed a passion for communication and marketing. She is deeply engaged in somatic work, having been certified in Tensegrity and will be certified in TRE in late 2024. Bringing a deep awareness from embodiment techniques she’s been using for herself, Elena helps her clients experience safety and blissful calmness from being in their bodies, working with various themes, like burn-out, sustainable wellbeing, and growing into the ‘future self’.

Elena lives in Kyiv, Ukraine, and stands firmly with her country, serving the major good through adult development initiatives, working with the civil sector, and her volunteering work. Her main sources of energy come from nature, dance, movement, and art.