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Cliff Scott

Cliff Scott

Manila, Philippines/Seattle, WA, USA

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Cliff’s passion is helping organizations through transformations enabling them to succeed in new levels of complexity.  Supporting leaders to scale their conscious practice of leadership to rise to the challenges of rapid change when prior ways of leading seem to fall short, is core to his work.  One of his core beliefs is that many leaders are capable of developing through the journey of identifying and translating their deeper purpose into action, seeking broader perspectives and noticing their own habits of mind that keep them in old paradigms. Cliff includes in his practice a wide range of training and facilitation methods, as well as executive and team/cohort coaching.  He is also the Director of Leadership Circle Philippines, has over 30 years’ experience in positions as an internal and external consultant and is skilled in Presence-based and Growth Edge coaching methods, as well as licensed to use The Leadership Circle framework of assessments and the MBTI.

Cliff has been extremely valuable to me and my team as we started and continue on our leadership journey. He has been very honest, open, insightful and has been a true coach and mentor to me and others on my team. I do believe that his partnership with us is one of the most important factors for our improvement as a team and as leaders.

Jim Aboitiz, Chief Operating Officer, Aboitiz Power Distribution