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Chantal Laurie Below

Chantal Laurie Below

Oakland, CA, USA

Chantal Laurie Below supports individuals and teams to courageously recognize the abundant choices available to them when limiting beliefs inhibit their freedom.  When these choices are illuminated, she sees how leaders are able get out of their own way and move forward with enhanced clarity, curiosity, and conviction to profoundly and positively impact their slice of the world.

Chantal began her career as a fourth-grade teacher in a low-income, public school in Washington DC with Teach For America. This early professional experience offered first-hand insight into the tremendous challenge of transforming an entrenched and inequitable system. It also revealed the human cost of not engaging in the change-making process: children, families, and communities suffer. Since that imprinting experience almost two decades ago, Chantal has honed her skill in facilitating systems change with a particular focus on the human and emotional components that, if not tended to thoughtfully, often sabotage best-laid plans.

In addition to working with Cultivating Leadership, Chantal is the Founder of Redcliff Coaching, an executive coaching and leadership development firm. Through Redcliff, Chantal has worked with global companies such as Clorox and Instagram, US-based non-profits such as KIPP and Teach For America, and in the academic world with Stanford University.  She is committed to meeting clients where they are in their development while simultaneously challenging hidden assumptions that keep them stuck or spiraling and unable to move forward. Her practical approach, keen insight into root causes of issues, belief in people’s potential, and ability to build trust quickly through humor and vulnerability allow her to facilitate accelerated growth in clients in all industries. Chantal is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, certified Immunity to Change Facilitator, and certified Strength Deployment Inventory Facilitator. She earned a BA from Georgetown University and an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

Chantal is based in Northern California where she lives with her husband and three young children. She’s known to be an avid seeker of new experiences with recent visits to a local rodeo, a roller derby match, and a hidden beach in lovely Point Reyes. She spent most of her childhood living abroad as an ex-pat in Europe and left that experience with a welcome travel bug and a vaguely useless but awfully entertaining talent for talking in a wide range of accents.