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Bassem Terkawi

Bassem Terkawi

Dubai, UAE

Bassem believes that we can’t solve a challenge at the same level of consciousness that we created it. Accordingly, in order to face the ever growing complexity of life, one should always aspire to grow his leadership vision through looking inwards and constantly expanding our comfort zone, challenging own beliefs and overcoming limitations.

He has worked for over 21 years with large organizations in the Middle East and the GCC. He held several leadership positions within government and private organizations mostly in sectors of consulting, urban development and hospitality. This has given him leadership managerial experience inside organizations and has provided him with in-depth understanding of organizational dynamics and business issues.

In addition, he has worked as an organizational leadership coach with numerous leading sectors such as Healthcare, Banking, Automotive, Hospitality, Consulting, Government Agencies and Energy.

For the past 7 years, he has served as external advisor for a key organization where he oversees the design, development and delivery of tailor-made leadership, personal and organizational development programs. He is also responsible for producing specially designed management and cultural change solution programs. As an organizational facilitator and coach, Bassem focuses on developing methods and processes that create alignment and commitment towards organizational goals.

Bassem has a Law Degree from Beirut Arab University (BAU) – Beirut. He has a Higher Diploma in Intellectual Property from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) – Geneva.

His passion for leadership and coaching lead him to enrich his knowledge on personal development by enrolling into leading international coaching and leadership programs, he is certified by:
• Leadership Cercle Profile (LCP)
• Facilitating Through Values (FTV)

When not working with clients, Bassem calls Dubai as main home, and he has two other bases in Istanbul and South of France. He loves exploring new cultures and traveling off to experience new places.