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We combine our deep theoretical knowledge with incredibly practical tools and structures to enable our clients to bring their biggest selves to make a difference in the world.

We bring our whole selves to our work and we ask our clients to do the same — we are all humans together for all of the complexity that entails. We admire the human condition and genuinely like people and we treat our clients and one another with compassion, generosity, laughter and lightness. We also walk the talk as a deliberately developmental, complexity-based organization.

Why we do our work
We exist to cultivate ideas, practices, and communities that release the world from simplistic thinking and enable progress on our most complex challenges.

How we do our work
We are a network of friends who work together with compassion, generosity and wholeness.

We walk our talk.

We want to Cultivate Leadership because we want the world to be a better place, and we can help leaders to be more effective in collectively working for this goal.

Do gooding
The seven billion (going on nine or ten billion) people on the planet face a suite of issues about their impacts on the planet — and on each other — that are more complex and longer-term in their effects than the issues faced by our parents and the generations before them. The leadership agenda is larger and the stakes are higher.

To this end we work through Cultivating Leadership, we work on doing good ourselves, and, more particularly, we work with the leaders of do-good organizations.

Many of our clients are public service organizations where the clear focus is on improving the service they provide to the public. We also work with private sector clients who recognise the business need to be socially responsible corporate citizens, and we work to improve the effectiveness of a range of non-government organizations (NGOs). If you are a do-gooding organization looking to make the world a better place, contact us and see how we can help.