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Yotam Schachter

Yotam Schachter

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

With keen insights and rare personal warmth, Yotam helps purpose-driven leaders and teams align their minds, hearts, and bodies around leadership qualities that will bring them success. Yotam has spent 20 years trying to understand the dynamics of human change at all scales – from how individuals develop in courage, compassion, and wisdom to the twists and turns of cultural evolution in teams, organizations, and societies – and he brings that expertise to help his clients create bigger, more powerful transformations with less effort.

Yotam’s toolkit draws from a wide range of prior experiences. For several years, he was a leadership consultant and content expert at Mobius Executive Leadership, bringing cutting edge leadership development techniques to Fortune 1000 executives. Previously, he consulted with Dialogos International, surfacing insights about company cultures to support change and break deleterious cycles. Yotam has also been a massage therapist, an investment analyst, a sales operations supervisor, and a student of Jewish history and ritual. Coming from a family of Hassidic Rabbis, Yotam has in fact been steeped in Jewish wisdom on leadership and personal mastery his whole life.

Yotam’s work has exposed him to a wide array of coaching tools and practices. Some of his favorites include the Leadership Circle Profile, Internal Family Systems, Nonviolent Communication, Integral Theory, and Adaptive Leadership. Yotam loves nothing more than to play with big ideas, unconventional people, and wild dreams of a better world. He holds a BA in Math from the University of Chicago.

With his roots in Boulder, CO, Yotam traveled extensively before settling in Boston nine years ago. When he’s not working, he plays SET, walks his labradoodle, builds elaborate duplo marble races with his 3-year-old son, and discusses Jewish ritual and transformational strategy with his climate activist Rabbi wife.