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Thomas Arta

Thomas Arta

Berlin, Germany

A deep love of humans and the human condition permeates every aspect of Thomas’ life and work. This love is enacted through a restless effort to understand our further potentials as well as wise and compassion responses to our limitations, contextualised by a sense of responsibility for future generations.

Thomas entered the field of leadership development after fifteen years of training in Buddhist meditation and a career in creative education. He also holds a masters degree in jazz composition and performance, his work often expressing a spirit of spontaneity, refined collaboration and collective authorship that lives at the heart of improvised art and ritual.

Fascinated by interventions at the boundary of the individual and collective, in 2019 he designed and facilitated the first professional yoga and mindfulness teacher training to include vertical development, emotional intelligence and relational mindfulness – a nine month transformative journey now in its third cohort. He is a developmental coach with substantial experience serving and mentoring millennial and early career leaders, weaving approaches from Growth Edge Coaching, Immunity to Change, Polarity Management, Internal Family Systems, Positive Neuroplasticity and Somatic Enquiry.

Thomas was born in Hong Kong, grew up in the UK and now lives in the forested outskirts of Berlin with his partner and two energetic young daughters, who keep him on his toes in consistently surprising ways.