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Thomas Arta

Thomas Arta

Berlin, Germany

Thomas believes that there is nothing more precious than being a part of each other’s growth and flourishing, and nothing more important than understanding the collective systemic dynamics that support or inhibit this goal. Thomas also believes that we are being called to a new way of seeing our work – one that recognises the opportunities to foster cultures that deepen our humanness while embracing our role as living ancestors for generations yet to come. To this end, the relationship between the individual and the system is at the center of Thomas’ work, whether that be with developmental coaching, systemic facilitation or the designing of leadership programs and interventions.

Thomas is dedicated to bringing an embodied and holistic approach to leadership development and has a particular understanding of and passion for serving emerging leaders. He entered the field after fifteen years of training in Buddhist meditation and twin careers in creative education and as a professional jazz musician. In addition to being a deep-dive into the complexity of the human mind and spirit it was here that he learned to love the art (and challenge!) of deep listening, eventually recognising its place at the core of all collaborative endeavours. Thomas now sees listening and leading as a whole-body activity, the further potentials of which we will always be discovering.

He holds certifications in Growth Edge coaching, Positive Neuroplasticity coaching, somatic coaching and creative facilitation, along with training in Polarity Management, Immunity to Change and Internal Family Systems. He is a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory and is currently deepening in the disciplines of systemic team coaching and systemic constellation work. Thomas holds a masters degree in jazz performance and composition and is a mindfulness and embodiment teacher and trainer.

Born in Hong Kong and raised in the UK, Thomas now lives in the forested outskirts of Berlin with his wife and two daughters, who keep him on his toes in consistently unexpected ways.