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Zachariah Hardy

Zachariah Hardy

Zachariah works part-time for the Group, assisting the finance manager. He aims to smooth the way for finance to become clear for clients, partners & colleagues. He enjoys working independently, but within a supportive company structure. This allows him to show up and be of service to his clients in a way that suits him and supports the vision of the company. Zachariah currently manages the day-to-day financial operations of our Irish and United Kingdom entities. He is also the financial controller of the Tilt Foundation.

He is a NZQBA certified bookkeeper, and a Xero Advisor. He has also completed a Diploma in Business and a Certificate in Bookkeeping. He recognises that numbers are an abstract concept often confusing to many people. He aims to bring a personal touch to his work. He strives to bring humanity to numbers whilst looking beyond digits and spreadsheets.

Zachariah started his journey of bookkeeping & financial administration at a young age. He continues to work within his father’s business and their family-run charity. He has a wide range of financial administration experiences to draw on. This allows him adaptability to work within different business and charitable organisations.

Zachariah works from home in Dunedin, New Zealand. His interests outside of work align with supporting people and community efforts, and he aims to show up in life with kindness and generosity, with his strong values stemming from active participation in church life. His immediate family is close-knit, working together to run large community events through their charitable trust –  Acts of Kindness. Although his home life is full and stimulating, he also loves to travel and meet new people.