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Yasmin Belgrave

Yasmin Belgrave

Berlin, Germany

Yasmin is interested in the different ways in which we define leadership and beyond that, who holds the agency, skill and desire to do it. She appreciates authentic and open communication and respects the role that safety plays in enabling this to happen.

Prior to joining Cultivating Leadership’s Catalyst team, Yasmin worked at a UK-based charitable foundation with a focus on challenging existing systems in order to enable the conditions for a more equitable society. During this time she was fortunate enough to be exposed to a range of developmental techniques and practices which inform her work to this day.

A long-standing fascination with Visual Cultures led Yasmin to study the History of Art at Goldsmiths University, and she is deeply inspired by the role of Art in all of its forms as a therapeutic outlet, tool for and an expression of change.

As someone who lives with epilepsy, Yasmin is passionate about raising awareness of the multi-faceted nature of disability through mentoring, activism and volunteering. She recently relocated from London to Berlin and in her spare time, she loves exploring the city through its culture, cuisine, language and lakes.