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Cornelis Tanis

Cornelis Tanis

Utrecht, Netherlands

Cornelis believes it is important and possible to create spaces at work that accelerate human development, at scale. This development is aimed at ways of seeing and being that are more fit for the increasingly complex and uncertain times we are in. This more expansive way of showing up may supplement – and sometimes may even need to replace – leaders’ habitual reflexes of knowing and showing.   These developmental journeys require a combination of challenge and support, over a longer period of time, and good company.

In his collaboration with clients, he aims to increase the odds for sustainable high-impact by designing and facilitating on-the-job experiences that circumvent or limit transfer-problems from the ‘classroom’ to the workplace. He appreciates using simple habits and practices that help individuals and teams to have conversations in which they see more of themselves, the situation that they are in, and help them generate a bigger set of choices for action.

He also believes that collaborations with clients can be reciprocal learning relationships. Working from the premise that ‘the process we use is the future we get’, his intention is to show up as a fellow learner, holding his expertise lightly. He enjoys the diversity of taking on various roles at the same time (coach, facilitator, designer) and bringing experiences from working across client systems globally.  What inspires him deeply in all these pursuits is the ‘sacred’ art of creating and holding spaces over time where people feel seen, safe, and challenged.

His personal values are independent thinking, curiosity, creativity, innovation, development, harmony, and connection. He also believes that a good sense of humor helps to keep him and those around him sane. Someone close recently attributed him ‘one of the most original combination of seriousness and hilariousness that are always present at the same time’.

He has worked as a qualitative researcher in his early career, and then moved into the field of consulting, serving clients in Europe, the Middle East and North America. After various roles in this field – often working with technology, science, and professional services organisations – he specialized in developmental coaching and in supporting leaders to lead in complexity.

Cornelis obtained qualifications to work with the Leadership Circle Profile in 2016 and he successfully completed the Immunity to Change coach certification programme with Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey in 2015. He completed his Growth Edge Coaching certification in 2019 and is a certified administrator of the Key Polarities Indicator (Human and Leadership) as Spring 2021.

Cornelis holds a BSc In Agricultural Engineering obtained in the Netherlands and a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Kent, United Kingdom. He is fluent in English and Dutch and continues to be almost fluent in Spanish. Cornelis lives in the Netherlands near the city of Utrecht with his wife, daughter, and son. When time (and wind) permits, he enjoys kite surfing on the North Sea.

Cornelis helped me get unstuck and grow into the leadership role I aspired. His listening and questioning were invaluable during my on-the-job experiments. He was very good in making me actually wanting to do the hard but rewarding work of thinking and feeling things through. He was always there for me, engaged, not opinionated.

Country Director, Pharmaceutical Company