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Rebecca Scott

Rebecca Scott

Washington, DC, USA

Rebecca believes in the transformational power of meaningful conversation, celebrating all your victories, and feeling all your feelings. She brings equal parts compassion and humor to her coaching, and is especially passionate about partnering with people with chronic conditions to help them navigate their unique challenges and lead full, purposeful, and joyous lives.

After Multiple Sclerosis derailed her career in special events, Rebecca brought her organizational acumen to Cultivating Leadership’s Catalyst team. CL quickly undid a lifetime’s skepticism about leadership experts and inspired her to go from supporting coaches and facilitators to becoming one herself. She has a Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown’s Institute for Transformational Leadership as well as a BA in English and Theatre Arts from the University of Pennsylvania. She also is a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory and loves talking about the delights and challenges of working across difference.

When not in her home office, Rebecca can be found in the kitchen. She owns more aprons than she cares to admit. She loves books, Yoga Nidra, travel, board games, and writing (which she, like most writers, also hates). Her informative and amusing blog about living with Multiple Sclerosis can be found at stumblr.blog.

Rebecca is an absolute joy to work with. She is patient, insightful, and empathetic. Her coaching style immediately brought a level of comfort, much needed when exploring difficult topics. She gave me a safe space for healthy self-criticism and thoughtful reflection. What surprised me every time was Rebecca’s ability to listen and challenge. She has been so valuable to my growth and I will continue to ask myself “what would Rebecca say” for years to come!

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