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Rehema Kutua

Rehema Kutua

Washington, DC, USA

As a physician, the challenges Rehema has experienced in her work have highlighted the importance of an intentionally holistic approach to wellbeing within healthcare and across all sectors. She believes that when leaders are armed with the tools to work towards alignment of mind, body and spirit for themselves, this has a ripple effect that becomes a force not only for deep good, but for necessary innovation and sustainable change. Rehema’s leadership expertise is in Healing Centered Coaching, a modality that co-creates spaces for growth that enables clients to cultivate a life aligned more closely with their values and shaped by intention, purpose and joy. She empowers clients to step into the fullness of their personal leadership potential fueled by their individual authentic power.

Rehema has spent more than 13 years in medicine and works as a pediatrician, serving primarily under-resourced populations. She mentors and teaches physicians in training and co-facilitates workshops on mindfulness, resilience and wellness for medical students. She has been a science teacher in Jordan and an Assistant Medical Director in Washington DC, and incorporates all of her skills into her coaching work primarily in, but not exclusive to, the healthcare sector.

Rehema holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Harvard University and a Doctor of Medicine from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. She is a Certified Professional Coach from Blooming Willow Coaching and Training and is a board member for The Braxton Institute for Sustainability, Resiliency, and Joy. She is on faculty with the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences and the City University of New York’s School of Medicine.

Rehema lives in Washington DC with her husband and family and endeavors to maintain balance with a combination of meditation, movement and the intentional cultivation of deeply meaningful relationships.