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Alice Evans

Alice Evans

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Alice is passionate about the connections across projects, teams, organisations and systems, and she loves to work with leaders at all levels to see these connections. She’s had a long career working on some of society’s greatest challenges, such as climate change and social justice. She has led and participated in efforts to bring social justice to the forefront of systems change. In her experience, working around power and equity require the same skills as supporting teams to work well together, which is what has made her such a strong facilitator and coach to top teams. 


Alice is an experienced systems coach. She uses her experience and training to create, facilitate and hold spaces for individuals, teams and organisations to engage with the visible and invisible forces that shape their behaviour, processes and impact. She will gently, compassionately and firmly help what needs to emerge, change or be said. She does so without judgement, using systems thinking, design thinking, power and equity informed processes and tools. She’s equally comfortable working with teams at all levels from board to frontline, executive to middle management.


Most recently she was Deputy Chief Executive of a charitable foundation, and has been a school governor and on a number of boards. A Brit living in Amsterdam, she can often be found swimming or paddleboarding with her children in the many lakes and canals near her.