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Alice Evans

Alice Evans

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Alice is a respected leader in complexity and adult development. She has been a C-Suite leader, and is currently a visiting fellow at Oxford University’s Said Business School’s Centre for Social Innovation.

Alice is committed to work that bridges sectors, people, ideas, places and generations. She looks for connections and relationships to see things that are marginalised, unseen or difficult to say. She can hold competing perspectives and understands how power is gained and used in groups, enabling her to challenge perceived wisdom so teams can deploy new curiosities and wisdom.  Alice loves planting seeds of ideas by using open questions that reveal different forms of abundance we can all experience.

An experienced systems and team coach, Alice uses her experience and training in complexity, indigenous knowledge, design and systems thinking, equity and power-informed approaches, conflict resolution and somatics. She will gently, compassionately and firmly facilitate what needs to emerge, change or be said and does so with care and without judgement. She supports teams to see the delicate interdependencies of their systems and engage with the visible and invisible forces that shape their behaviour, processes and impact. Alice is equally comfortable working with teams at all levels, from board to frontline, executive to middle management. She’s worked with Ministers and Politicians, CEOs and people who are experiencing homelessness.

Alice uses drawings, constellations, dialogic methods, playfulness, and humour to draw out new and novel ideas that support people to move forward. She’s had a varied background working across social justice, equity, climate change, tech, business information and pharma. In her experience, working around power and equity require the same skills as supporting teams to work well together, making her a strong and skilful facilitator and coach to top teams.

She holds a MSc from the London School of Economics. Additionally, she has been a school governor and on a number of boards. A Brit living in Amsterdam, she can often be found swimming or paddleboarding with her children in the many lakes and canals near her (and is currently doing a podcast about pleasure).