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Naomi Berger

Naomi Berger

New York, NY, USA

Naomi is passionate about bringing Cultivating Leadership’s ideas to younger generations and those who generally don’t have access to this field. This passion stems both from the way ideas of complexity and adult development have been the foundation of her own growing up, and Naomi’s intrinsic desire for a more peaceful and just society. Seeing for herself the way adult development opens up new possibilities, Naomi is committed to supporting those who have not—and might never—reach executive ranks with tools and ways of seeing the world that create more expansive possibilities for individuals and a more equitable future for the collective.

Naomi is inherently a problem-solver and self-starter. Although early in her career, her poise and gentle presence create safety even in highly charged situations. She brings a fresh perspective to CL in her stretch across opposites: Her keen eye for detail and her big picture understanding; her commitment to diversity and inclusion and her understanding of herself as a white woman; her ability to marry process and structure with emergence.  

Naomi has a BA in psychology from Hamilton College. She loves to walk her puppy through her neighborhood in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, create cheese boards that are as beautiful as they are tasty, and experiment with fashion as she explores her favorite city in the world. Born in the US and raised in New Zealand, Naomi feels the vastness and interconnectedness of the world and hopes to discover every far-flung corner of this beautiful planet.