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Naomi Garvey Berger

Naomi Garvey Berger

Naomi is passionate about bringing development to younger generations and people who generally don’t have access to the field. She believes in investing in people, a passion which stems both from the way ideas of complexity and development have been the foundation of her upbringing, and her desire for a more peaceful and just society. She is committed to supporting those who have not–and might never– reached executive ranks with tools and ways of seeing the world that create more expansive possibilities for individuals and a more equitable future for the collective.

Naomi graduated from Hamilton College in 2020 with a BA in Psychology. She is inherently a problem solver and self-starter, as well as a deeply curious person with a lifelong love for learning. Her poise and gentle presence create safety even in highly charged situations. Naomi brings a fresh perspective in my stretch across opposites: her keen eye for detail and her big picture understanding; her ability to marry process and structure with emergence.

Naomi has experience working with clients across industries from her roles in HR Consulting, Entrepreneurship & the Startup world, Leadership and Adult Development, and Strategic Consulting. She is also skilled in creating content for social media or other marketing purposes, an outlet that allows her to exercise her creativity and eye for aesthetics.

Naomi lives in New York City, and spends a few months of the year in Southwestern France. In her spare time, she loves to cook extravagant meals (often involving a beautiful cheeseboard), take her dog Alfie for long walks wherever she can find green space, and devour any good novel she can get her hands on.