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20 April 2018

Recomposing Simple Habits

Written by
Keith Johnston

Sometimes our inner poet reveals itself in such surprising ways.

A review and video has appeared on Amazon in relation to our book “Simple Habits for Complex Times.”  The Amazon Customer who posted the review ordered our book and ended up with a surprise.  The book had the right cover but the wrong contents.  See her video here.

On the inside of our covers, complete with our authors’ pic, was “Recomposing Ecopoetics: North American Poetry of the Self-Conscious Anthropocene” by Lynn Keller.   I have a shelf of books on environmental thought.  I am wondering whether to add this one.  The Amazon blurb describes it as “cutting-edge work in ecocriticism” that assesses the work of 21st Century poets who “respond to environments transformed by people and take “nature” to be a far more inclusive and culturally imbricated category than conventional nature poetry does.”  I was impressed with imbricated but I had to look it up.  It means “overlapped” like tiles on a roof.

Then I wondered what Simple Habits might look like recomposed as eco poetry.  Here are three haiku and a sonnet.


Three Haiku


The first habit is

To ask different questions.

What does the bee think?


Simple Habits says

“Take multiple perspectives.”

Fine for a fly


Slip into systems

Like Alewife heading upstream.

Fish or train station?


Simple Habits: The Sonnet

How can we see systems

When they are all around?

We go seeking little gems

When what’s commonplace astounds.


Perhaps a different question?

Seeking something unmatched?

We offer this suggestion

With a question mark attached.


Let’s take many perspectives

We can see the world anew

It helps avoid invective

And builds a bigger view


Our simple habits imbricate.

They naturally self-replicate.






One thought on “Recomposing Simple Habits”

  1. Dana Baugh says:

    Beautiful!! Reading your post this morning sparked and elevated me intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. Well done!

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