Our highly trained and experienced coaches use our deep theoretical and practical knowledge about development, leadership, and complexity to support leaders to think and act in new ways.

Developmental coaching: increasing capacity

We believe that coaching is most helpful and has the greatest chance of supporting real change when it is both grounded and practical. It needs to be grounded in the experiences and requirements of the client’s particular world and have a practical focus on helping the client tackle his or her most difficult leadership challenges with new skills and perspectives. Because our coaching comes from a rich and varied theory and practice space, we’re able to ask different questions and help clients look at the whole system of their organisations–and their leadership. These questions lead to new insights for clients who are able to see a bigger picture and recognise solutions where they were once stuck.

While our specific approach to each client is different, a common thread that runs through all of our engagements is our focus on sensemaking. We help our clients see and understand their own sensemaking and the stories they tell themselves about what is happening and what they are doing, what is possible — and what isn’t. We support clients to learn new skills and perspectives for supporting their teams and having difficult conversations. And we understand that leadership requires an embodied practice, where not just the leader’s head but the leader’s whole presence is engaged–and engaging .

We use the GrowthEdge Interview to support deep understanding of clients’ own thinking and blindspots, the Leadership Circle 360 to help clients understand their impact on others, and somatic coaching practices and understandings to make sense of the way clients embody their leadership ideas and capabilities. For an example of the way this has worked with our clients in the past, click here.

Through this work, clients become better able to cope with complexity and ambiguity, enlarge the solution space, and learn the skills and capacities to think alongside others. We work with senior leaders around the world and work with a set of coaches certified in the Growth Edge Coaching process.

I would never like to be without my conversations with Nicolai. He has helped me to understand new dimensions in myself. It's great that he has such a good sense of my world. His wise questions help me to step up both as a leader and a person.

The founder and CEO of a fast growing, international tech startup