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29 April 2020

Complexity Fitness for (un)Usual Times

Carolyn Coughlin & Patrice Laslett

Current events are showing us clearly what we already knew instinctively: the world is much more uncertain and complex than we’d like it to be. As humans, we’re wired to predict and to be in control, but when we are faced with challenges that are by their very nature unpredictable and less than fully controllable, our usual instincts may not give us the usual results. This can be dissatisfying and exhausting.

Complexity fitness offers a way to increase our capacity to be with the hard stuff, find more joy and ease even when we don’t have a grand master plan, and embrace complexity as an opportunity for growth. In this video, Patrice and Carolyn will give you a taste of what is possible when taking up new practices that strengthen our cognitive, somatic, emotional, and relational capacity.