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REFRESH: A Women’s Retreat of Renewal

May 1-2, 2021

If there’s one thing our souls need after this extraordinarily taxing year, it’s rest and refreshment. Together, let’s look past this difficult collective journey to focus on what’s to come.

What you’ll discover

This facilitated, virtual retreat will offer space for your own heart, soul and body to find renewal. As hope emerges, it’s wise to pay attention to what is happening within us.

Together, we’ll focus on presence and beauty through offerings of words, walks, journaling and creative prompts. It’s a restorative weekend of cool, refreshing drinks for your soul.

The bulk of the retreat will be for YOU to design your own time, around several carefully timed emails with nurturing content, prompts, embodied activities, creative pursuits and reflections.

Ahead of the retreat you’ll also receive suggestions on how to prepare your physical space – and your heart and soul. We know people are ‘Zoomed out’ by now, so we will use this platform carefully to limit screen time. Two full group meetings will take place on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. In between these, there will be two small group meetings. (We anticipate total screen time to be about 3.5 hours for the weekend.)

Who should come?

This retreat is designed for individuals or small groups of women. It’s for those who are tired from lovingly tending to clients and family over these long, difficult months.

We welcome anyone in need of some nurturing personal time and restoration. While you can join from home, we’d encourage you to rent an AirBnB or find a place to truly get away for the weekend. If you can safely invite other friends, even better, as small groups will be part of the retreat. Access to a stable internet connection will be vital for full participation.

Here’s a great idea: consider gifting this retreat to a woman in your life (perhaps for Mother’s Day!) who would be thrilled for some personal time!



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