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Leading Inclusively

23 September, 2021 – 20 January, 2022

Current world events show us clearly that understanding and engaging across our cultural and social identity differences is important and complex.

As humans, we’re wired to label each other and construct reasons to elevate our group over other groups. We are seeing more and more the limitations of this wiring, especially when we commit microaggressions against individuals and groups and our unconscious biases get us in all kinds of trouble. Society and our organizations demand that we become more self-aware and inclusive. This demand challenges our identity, simple stories, and need for control. How can we meet this demand and learn to engage with others from different cultures and social identity? Sometimes when we try, we get it wrong and this unsettles us. How can we learn to bring our most expansive selves to leading inclusively? If we can’t, what are the costs to not only our development, but to our commitment to a better world?