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Virtual Community

Growth Circle: Women, Wisdom, & What’s Next

Monthly September 9th 2021 to May 5th 2022

This is an intimate community for women who have successful careers leading organizations, teams, communities or treasured missions. Women who are now wondering, “What’s mine to do or be? Where and how can my experience and collected wisdom be put to best use in service of the ongoing transformation of my organization, my community, the world, and me? What's next?"


Carolyn Coughlin and Sheila Buechler


Sheila and Carolyn are asking these questions, too.  Which is why we want to take our deep experience of creating spaces where people come together in good company to see one another deeply and explore their edges, and offer it to a group of women leaders who are on a similar journey. In this year-long adventure we will, together, create and inhabit a sacred space for connection, exploration, reflection, embodiment and presence where we will all be encouraged to bring our whole selves, even those emerging parts we might not know so well yet!


The fee for this year-long experience is $6,000*

*Because we believe diversity is crucial to our personal, professional, and collective development, we are intentionally inviting experienced mature women leaders from a variety of backgrounds regardless of economic status.  While we have no doubt that this suggested fee represents a generous value exchange, we also recognize it may be out of reach for some potential participants who would make a priceless contribution to the experience.  If you are moved to, and able, we invite you to sponsor a scholarship for ths group. If so, please contact Diana Manks at diana@cultivatingleadership.com.  We thank you in advance for your generosity.

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