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Coaching and Leading Inclusively: Gender, Sex, and the Body

3 February - 9 June 2022

Have you begun to realize that in today’s world all leaders must be inclusive leaders? This realization is pushing together the fields of leadership development and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

If we’re not leading inclusively, we’re actually not leading at all in some crucial dimensions. 

For coaches and other leaders who grow leaders, expanding our capacities to notice, appreciate, and cultivate the weird and wonderful resources of the most diverse range of human beings has become imperative to our work.

If we’re not coaching inclusively, we’re actually not coaching the whole person who stands in front of us as our client. 

For this reason, the International Coach Federation recently revised its account of the “core competencies” of coaching to hold up the importance of the context, culture, and identity of our clients.

Coaching & Leading Inclusively: Gender, Sex, and the Body builds participants’ capacities to be present to diverse human experiences of our bodies, erotic energies, and relationships to gender.

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