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We design and facilitate senior team off-sites, multi-stakeholder events, strategy sessions, and more, offering a transformative blend of process and innovative content.

Groups do not get to become effective teams–able to respond to fresh challenges and gnarly perennials–by happenstance.

Senior teams need support to learn how to be at their very best together, especially when they are pushing the boundaries, tackling hard issues, or looking out to the longer term. This support can take a number of forms, and we match our facilitation to the needs of the client in each setting.

Sometimes we plan a meeting from beginning to end, working closely with our client to figure out exactly what their goals are and shaping the space accordingly. Other times we play more of a support role for a meeting that is already planned–but one where everyone wants to focus on the task at hand rather than being distracted by worrying about the process. When desired, we get actively involved in pushing and pulling around the thinking of the members of the group, introducing helpful concepts and tools to open up new perspectives and solutions. We can apply each of these processes over time, and support the team to grow their capabilities to work and think together on hard stuff.