We speak to groups of any size about leadership and complexity, weaving together powerful ideas, practical applications, and humour. People come away inspired, informed, and ready to take action in a new way.

At Cultivating Leadership, we have a diverse set of areas of expertise, and we love to speak at conferences, leadership retreats, and other places interesting people gather to learn new things. Our speeches are customised to the audience and the event, but they are rarely what pops into mind when you hear the word “speech.” Instead, our talks are almost always conversational—where everyone gets to learn from everyone else. Whether the group is twelve or twelve hundred, we work to keep people engaged, interactive, and walking away with ideas that make a difference in their lives.

We design our talks the way we design everything else—with principles of transformation built in. This means that even in a small time, we hope to inspire some lasting change.

Hear us here.

Partial list of things we speak about

  • Leadership and complexity: Making complexity your competitive advantage
  • Simple Habits for building more leadership agility
  • Leading change: Changing others by changing yourself
  • Changing on the job: Creating deliberately developmental organizations
  • Cultivating wisdom in your organization and your communities
  • Developmental coaching: Transformational techniques that make a difference for your clients
  • Coaching leaders facing complex challenges: Supporting our clients to make a difference in an increasingly complex world

Jennifer's extraordinary ability to connect with her audience, and inspire creative thought and discussion is nothing short of remarkable. The buzz she creates through her penetrating inquiry and witty repartee creates an environment like no other.

Patrick S. Malone, PhD, Director, Key Executive Leadership Programs, American University