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Our leadership programs increase leaders’ abilities to deal with complexity, uncertainty, and volatility and give leaders new ways of approaching their work.

Leadership development that actually develops leaders

We create programs that help leaders not just manage complexity, but use it to their advantage. Leaders become better able to use conflict to deepen trust, to welcome diverse perspectives to amplify creativity, and to see patterns that lead to new possibilities. They become invaluable resources for their organisations and communities. Our clients tell us that you can tell which people have been on a Cultivating Leadership program by the quality of their listening, their insightful, curious questions, and their ability to lead teams to innovative solutions.

We have deep and long experience with adult development theories and complexity theories–and the powerful synergies between the two. More importantly, we understand how to apply these theories to the work leaders do. This means that while each of our programs has deep theoretical roots, participants constantly tell us how practical the programs are–and how unusually successful they are in initiating and maintaining real change over time. Leaders have tools they can put to use immediately and share with their teams and colleagues to open up new pathways.

Online Programs that make a difference

Like all consultants, we were forced to pivot to online programs in March of 2020. While we had the advantage of three years of teaching online classes through Growth Edge Coaching, online workshops presented a new challenge that we’ve approached like a poet would a sonnet. We have been amazed at what the constraints of a Zoom room can enable. (We even recorded a podcast about it!) Our online programming is varied, engaging, and fun-–and has allowed us to reach more leaders than ever.