Looking for a leadership program that lasts longer than the first week back? Our leadership programs increase leaders' ability to deal with complexity, ambiguity, and volatility and give leaders new ways of approaching their work.

Leadership development that actually develops leaders

We create programs that help leaders not just manage complexity, but use it to their advantage. Participants become increasingly able to deal constructively with conflict and diversity, to see patterns that lead to new solutions, and to work across silos to influence large systems. Leaders who have been through our programs consistently show significant increases in both quantitative and qualitative measures of leadership effectiveness. They become invaluable resources for their organisations and communities and more confident in their leadership. We hear from our clients that you can tell even in a large meeting which people have been on a Cultivating Leadership program by the quality of their listening, their questions, and their ability to help create innovative new solutions.

We have deep and long experience with adult development theories and systems thinking theories–and the powerful synergies between the two. As importantly, we understand how to apply these theories to the work leaders do and the ways leaders can grow their capabilities. This means that while each of our programs has deep theoretical roots, participants experience how practical the programs are–and how unusually successful they are in initiating and maintaining real change over time. The practicality of the programs means participants walk away from a residential with us with tools they can put to use immediately and get value from them straight away (one participant slipped away from the program for a lunchtime meeting and came back excited about using at the meeting the tools he had learned that morning!).

As they use these methods over and over, participants start to transform their ways of being as leaders. Participants credit much of the transformational strength of the program to the ways the ideas and practices are reinforced. This happens through ample time for reflection and the discipline and encouragement of working in an open, curious action learning group with a diverse group of colleagues who become companions for the whole journey, and beyond.

For more on the specifics of one program we’ve created and run in an organisation, click here .

Coaches and OD professionals grow, too

As coaches, we savour those moments when a question we’ve asked opens up new possibilities for our clients and helps them enlarge their world in some way. But what is it about those questions and how could we ask them more often? The advanced workshops for coaches help us make sense of that mystery and enable coaches to understand—and therefore support—their clients in entirely new ways.

Using sophisticated questioning and listening practices which emerge from adult development theories, workshop participants will learn to uncover the ways people make sense of their world and the way they understand their own stories. This new approach allows participants to support their clients as they move through developmental transitions, helping clients transform their stories, what they believe is possible, and, therefore, what actions they are able to take.

Jennifer has been teaching coaches about applying adult development theories to real life practices for more than a decade, first in Subject-Object Interview workshops, and now, with Carolyn, in the Conversations at the Growing Edge workshop and the new Growth Edge Coaching Certification Program. In all of our advanced workshops for coaches and OD professionals, we take the transformational principles of our leadership development programs, and we teach others the theories and techniques that underlie them. To learn more about these workshops see our Growth Edge Coaching website.

I would never like to be without my conversations with Nicolai. He has helped me to understand new dimensions in myself. It's great that he has such a good sense of my world. His wise questions help me to step up both as a leader and a person.

The founder and CEO of a fast growing, international tech startup