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Sue O’Dea

Sue O’Dea

Sydney, Australia

Sue’s overarching commitment and passion is to support organizational and individual growth using strategic goals as a starting point. She believes in creating work environments that support the development of individuals and the organization as a whole. Drawing on 15 years of experience as both a consultant and business leader, Sue offers an integrated approach to designing and delivering culture change and leadership development initiatives working closely with CEO’s, senior teams, line managers and HR professionals.

As a consultant, Sue has worked closely with clients in the professional services, telecommunication, financial services, and broader industrial sectors to develop and deliver short-term and multi-year performance and cultural transformation projects. In the past, Sue has worked internally in non-consultant senior roles in the pharmaceutical industry and as Head of HR for McKinsey & Company. While at McKinsey, Sue helped establish the Performance Leadership Institute in Australia, Canada, and South Africa. She continues to serve as a global specialist facilitator for McKinsey and Company.

Sue holds a Bachelors Degree in Business from Queensland University of Technology, as well as a Masters of HRM and Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney. Extending from her formal qualifications, Sue is well versed and practiced in a wide range of methodologies and approaches for learning and development including appreciative inquiry, positive psychology, whole systems change, crucial conversations, leadership and adult development.

When not working, Sue loves spending time with her husband and two young daughters. Anything outdoors, by the water, along with good friends, food, and wine is considered a great way to while away the hours.

Sue O’Dea is an exceptional business partner. Her expertise in and passion for driving cultural change in large and complex organisations makes her a critical element to a successful change journey. Her facilitation skills create an environment that allows participants to gain significant personal insights that in turn motivate them as leaders to change. At a strategic design level, Sue’s change and transformation ideas and energy shape a powerful change agenda. However, by far Sue’s greatest strength is her desire to share her expertise, seeking to build up the change capability within the organisations she partners with.

GM, Human Resources, Entertainment (and formerly Professional Services) Firm