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Nick Petrie

Nick Petrie

Nelson, New Zealand

Nick helps organizations prepare their leaders for a complex world. He works with global organizations including: Walmart, Home Depot, NASA, Zillow, Workday, Wells Fargo, Kellogg’s, Delta and Comcast. He has worked across industries including retail, engineering, tech, banking, pharmaceuticals, energy, healthcare, finance, construction, and television. He has significant international experience having lived and worked for 20 years in Japan, Spain, Dubai, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, and the U.S.

Nick is interested in rapidly growing a new territory out of old mindsets and experiences and helping organizations who are going through significant change to build resilience from the top of the organization out to the front lines. 

Nick holds a master’s degree from Harvard University and two undergraduate degrees from Otago University in New Zealand. His first career was as a rugby player, before moving into the business world. He is the author of the book Work Without Stress: Building Resilience for Long-Term Success. He’s survived three bouts of cancer, giving him a new perspective on life.

He lives in New Zealand with his wife and four boys. Learn more at www.nicholaspetrie.com